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"So in my mind I thought this was gonna be like, my ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ moment. And like, confetti was gonna come out and everyone’s like, going to scream and sort of like, 'We're gonna sell things!'. So I really went for it and there was just… silence. Like, nothing really happened.

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anonymous asked: Bucky or Steve?

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Film & Music List



  1. Nine Leaves - Remember Execute Forget
  2. Woodkid - Conquest of Spaces
  3. Loyal Divide - Vision Vision
  4. Loyal Divide - Vision Vision (R/D remix)
  5. John Dreamer - Rise
  6. St. Lucia - The Way You Remember Me

Films in order of appearance:

00:00:21 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Dec 4

List of movies used in my 2013 Movie Trailer Mashup:



0:08 - The Informant

0:09 - The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

0:10 - The Fifth Estate

0:10 - The Act of Killing

0:11 - God Loves Uganda

0:12 - The Gatekeepers

0:12 - Lone Survivor

0:13 - Ip Man: Final Fight

0:14 - Lone Survivor

0:15 - Metallica: Through The Never

Nov 1


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Oct 6

Bryan: Y’know, one of the first things I notice that has changed about Aaron is that he’s actually able to talk in front of people now. One of the first publicity appearances that we ever made, we’re backstage at a show and he looks like he is going to vomit. He’s edging back and forth and back and forth and I say, “You okay?” “No, man, I’m not okay. I can’t do this. I can’t do this. I can’t do this, I can’t do this!” Now you can do it, look at this! [Aaron: Kind of do it.] You’re doing a great job. You’ve said some wonderful things about me, but I wanna say some wonderful things about you… [x]

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Oct 6

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Oct 4
Hecky Nash, a third-rate comedian and mob hanger-on.
He plays a stand up comic in 1947. It’s not a funny role. It’s a serious role. He’s laying down a dramatic performance in a flawless, American dialect of the era… People who are Simon Pegg fans will be blown away by what he has done in this. [x]

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